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  Creating a niche of PVC Heat Sealing Machine such as Two in One Heat Sealing Machine, Poly Tarpaulin Mini Sealing Machine and Tarpaulin Heat Sealing Machine at its best, with utmost quality.
Two in One Heat Sealing Machine
  We are manufacturing and supplying a wide range ofTwo In One Heating Sealing Machine.
We offer these machines in various specifications such as:
  • The two in one machine will be on robust structure fit for both center and side sealing of 70 to 450 GSM fabric up to 6 feet max
  • Our Two in One Heat Sealing Machine Seals of HDPE/PP Laminated Fabric, LD Sheet of above 500 gauge & PVC Coated, SRF Nylon Sheet, Flex Banner (Poster), Polyester Fabric Coated Material 
  • The machine will have 6 feet guide rolls at the side where the fabrics enters and sealed fabrics falls at the bottom where it can be folded easily and one side open
  • The center cantilever will have heavy steel structure to mount electrical controls air blower and pressure system assemblies
  • This machine have 2 Nos. of unwind, with braking attachment shaft
  Power Load (Three Phase Supply)    
  • 1 HP DC drive for machine roller.
  • 1 HP AC motor for air blower.
  • 4.0 KW (5.4 HP) heater.
  • Total load - 7.4 HP
  Control Panel: In house electronic and electrical assemblies and DOL’s for blower’s etc. Each circuit will be provided with ELMCB for safety plus a heavy duty MCB for the mains.
  Drive System: The machine will be provided with DC motor (Thyristor Controlled) coupled to heavy-duty reduction gearbox via chain and sprocket through the main shaft.
  Heating System: Forced heated air through nozzles at the nips.
  Utilities to be provided by Client: 4 Sq. mm 4 Core copper cable for main supply to the machines with proper earthling
  Size of the Machine: Two in One Heat Sealing Machine 10 feet long for 1.8 meter fabrics
  Output: 25 to 60 Mtr / Min at optimum speed either center or side sealing (Depending on operating Conditions)
Poly Tarpaulin Mini Sealing Machine
  We are eminent name in offeringPoly Tarpaulin Without Pneumatic Heat Sealing Machine.
  • We are offering a large range of Poly Tarpaulin Pneumatic Heat Sealing Machine in India
  • Dual side sealing model with rope insertion, faster output at 60 meters / minute, low man power requirements
  • Economy model for side sealing with rope insertion, & edge sealing
Output: 50 meters / min.
Tarpaulin Heat Sealing Machine
Engaged in manufacturing of high quality tarpaulin heat sealing machine
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